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Welcome to CANNOPTIKUM, our online shop from Austria for Cannabis seeds and much more.

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Cannoptikum is a reputable company that does its utmost to deliver high quality products at an affordable price safely and quickly with discreet shipping methods. We advise and assist customers worldwide and share our expertise and know-how in all aspects of cannabis.

Every order placed with Cannoptikum is handled professionally while respecting your privacy and needs. This way we can guarantee you the best customer journey and excellent support.

We also offer a secure payment process and discreet and fast delivery to all parts of the world. Order hemp and grow products from the most trusted hemp store in Austria!

From cultivation to harvest

As of 2020, we have been providing the best products and latest news for growing all types of plants and especially marijuana. We are currently located in Austria / Tyrol, and are one of the leading online shops for the self-cultivation of cannabis, utensils and information about this plant. Our team is made up of a group of people who love their job and have years of cultivation experience who can always give you personal attention.

Buy the best range of cannabis seeds

Cannoptikum KG offers you the best collection of cannabis seeds at the best price. We have the best seed banks like Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds, Dinafem, Sweet Seeds, DNA Genetics or Mr Nice. Hemp seeds are mainly divided into two groups, feminized (female seeds) and regular (male and female seeds). The feminized seeds provide 99% female cannabis plants, while the regular ones produce both female and male plants.

The seeds, in turn, can be classified as photodependent or autoflowering (autoflowering). Both are either regular or feminized. Photodependent are seasonal varieties that rely on photoperiod changes to complete their cycles. Autoflowering plants, on the other hand, do not depend on the photoperiod and they all behave in a similar way. They grow around 3-5 weeks and then bloom no matter how much sun or light they get

Specialists in outdoor cultivation

Self-growing marijuana outdoors is really easy. With a good quality seed, substrate, and water, the sun will take care of the rest. It is also true that many other factors are critical to the success of a harvest. Starting with the pots to the substrate, the fertilizers or the automatic irrigation systems. Other things like the weather are completely unpredictable.
Outside there is always a risk of pests and fungi, as we are in their habitat. The use of insecticides and fungicides is practically indispensable. Even in areas with poor water quality, it is advisable to take action and install an osmosis filter. The plants will appreciate it and show fewer problems, mostly from excess, in addition to the effective removal of chlorine.

Buy the best products for indoor cultivation

It's easy indoors too, although we need to consider two basic aspects. The first is the lighting, the basic pillar. Growth and flowering depend largely on the quality of the light spectrum. In this regard, Cannoptikum has the best lighting systems, including typical sodium vapor lamps, the latest LEC lamps and a wide variety of LED panels.

The second aspect is ventilation. Hemp plants use a lot of CO2. And this is limited, is a closed space like a grow tent. For this reason, it is important to refresh the stale air inside with fresh air from outside almost continuously. In addition, a small fan helps to remove the air and cool the plants from the heat generated by the lighting.

For the more intrepid growers, we also have the most popular hydroponic cultivation systems on the market and from renowned manufacturers such as AutoPot, General Hydroponics or Wilma. Hydroponic yields are far superior to any other thanks to the complete control of the fertilization received by the plants and a constant supply of water.

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