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In our online grow shop you will find the necessary products for outdoor and indoor cultivation, for growing plants and for indoor cultivation for your own use. For self-builders with special needs, it simply pays off to buy the accessories in a specialty store and not to resort to the local DIY store - there you can also find fertilizer, soil, LED lamps or pots, but in our store everything is perfectly tailored to indoor growing, and often also much cheaper.

So what's here that you can't buy in a DIY store?

Basically, our growing department is a specialized selection of equipment and accessories for growing plants. It combines the assortments of aquatics, floristry, gardening and DIY stores and is aimed at the cultivation of plants in the room, in the home or generally indoors; they can be useful plants, but also ornamental.
Consequently, the first growshops did not have a conventional horticultural range and offered not only special plant lamps, indoor greenhouses, ventilation, literature with instructions for indoor cultivation and accessories for the grow box, cupboard or tent, but also typical headshop items such as pipes, herbal incense blends, hemp flowers and CBD oil and themed items related to the countryside.

Assortment in the Cannoptikum online grow shop:

Our wide assortment of inexpensive accessories for plant cultivation includes lighting solutions consisting of bulbs (energy-saving bulbs, LED and high-pressure bulbs) with reflector and ballast, complete ventilation systems against odors (activated carbon filters and fans) and watering systems up to matching pots.

An important product in our cultivation assortment is indoor fertilizer from various manufacturers, which is necessary for a good yield. There are also tools for harvesting and processing. In this way, even beginners in home growing can put together a complete indoor package with equipment for growing in the grow cabinet, to go from seeds to cuttings to a plant ready for harvesting, without having to incur enormously high costs.

As a retailer with many years of experience, we can also offer the best prices for small grow projects, but we also have the necessary equipment in stock for an ambitious indoor grow with many different plants and can usually ship large orders for complete systems with cabinets, exhaust air and light the next day.

Cabinets and boxes for indoor growingAn enclosed:

indoor growing space is essential for many situations in home growing. Established terms are just emerging, but grow room, cabinet or box are common names for this type of grow tent, which can be set up in a few minutes and taken down just as quickly. All available models have prefabricated "interfaces" for the necessary cable and hose inlets and outlets and can be adapted to the needs of the cultivation project in terms of light density.

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