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Welcome to Cannoptikum Growshop! We offer everything you need for growing cannabis, from fertilizers to lighting, and ventilation systems. Whether you're growing indoor or outdoor, we have the perfect equipment for you. Our experts are always ready to advise and assist you in selecting the right products. Purchase your products for outdoor or indoor growing at Cannoptikum now!

From cultivation to harvest - Outdoor or Indoor cultivation is really easy!

For indoor growing, special lighting systems such as LED lights or HPS lights are usually needed to give the plants the light they need. In addition, ventilation systems are important to allow air to circulate and regulate temperature and humidity.

In outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, special lighting systems are not usually needed because the plants receive direct sunlight. However, special fertilizers and substrates can also be used here to support plant growth and minimize the risk of pests and diseases.

Our Growshop thus offers all the necessary products and accessories to support and optimize the cultivation of plants, especially cannabis. This usually includes advice and assistance in choosing the right products to help customers get started with cultivation.

  • First is light Lighting, the cornerstone!

the basic pillar. Growth and flowering depend largely on the quality of the light spectrum. In this regard, Cannoptikum your online cannabis seed expert has the best lighting systems, including typical sodium vapor lamps, the latest LEC lamps and a wide variety of LED panels.

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