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The human ingenuity that has been put to the service of active cannabis use for thousands of years and its effects should not be underestimated in any case!

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Our pipes come in different materials: wood and metal, like the some wooden pipes designed for fast smokers and sometimes have little resemblance to a normal pipe.

How to dry, ferment and store home grown cannabis?

How to dry your cannabis: After cutting, cannabis plants are traditionally hung upside down to dry. As cannabis dries, the THC transitions from a non-psychoactive state to a psychoactive state. However, you should not rush the drying process! THC also breaks down easily on drying, and buds that dry too quickly experience greater THC breakdown than those that dry more slowly.

An ideal time for drying cannabis is around 5-7 days. However, the time to reach ideal dryness (see below) varies with climate and drying location. The condition of your plant also plays a role, such as how fat the buds are, how many fan leaves are stuck to them, etc.

How to ferment cannabis: Once you can reach a humidity level of around 62-68%, place the trimmed buds in airtight containers such as B. a sealed mason jar. We use these half gallon jars. Keep the containers in a dark and warm place. Now, for the next few weeks, burp the jars regularly. By "burping the jars" I don't mean the quick opening and closing of the lid. Leave the lid open for 10 to 15 minutes and then close the jar again. The purpose is to allow some air exchange, bringing in oxygen and releasing moisture or other gas-releasing substances.

How many times should I pop the jars while they're curing you ask? Some growers burp their jars once or twice a day for the first week or two. It's especially important to burp frequently when your cannabis is on the higher end of this moisture range, and leave the caps open even longer, up to an hour. On the other hand, we usually cut our buds down to around 63%, so we burp a little less often. Our goal is once a day but sometimes we miss some days. It's not the end of the world.

After the first two weeks, a burp just once a week is great for the next month. After 6 to 8 full weeks of healing, you can reduce the frequency of burping to once a month. At this point, you don't have to worry as much about how long the lids are closed, either. A shorter burp is fine.

  • There are a few things to look out for during the curing process: Keep a hygrometer in at least one of your containers. You can rotate it between glasses if needed or use a few of them. Try to position it so that it can be seen through the sides of the container. When the humidity in the jars rises to 70% or more, remove the buds from the jar for a day or two. Spread them out in a place with good air circulation, e.g. B. on a herb dryer, sieve or even cardboard.

When you open the jars to burst open, sniff! A slight ammonia aroma is a sign that the cannabis is too wet and starting to spoil. A strong smell of ammonia or visible mold are signs that the cannabis was too wet and is now likely spoiled. However, if you use a hygrometer, you shouldn't encounter this problem.

On the other hand, if your cannabis has dried out too much (below 60%), you may be able to prevent it with the help of these Boveda packets! Originally developed for the cigar industry, Boveda packs can be used to rehydrate overly dry cannabis. You can also keep them with your buds during long-term storage to help regulate humidity, which can be especially helpful in hot, dry climates. They are available in different target moisture levels, for example to achieve or maintain a 65% pack, a 63% pack, etc.

How to Store Cannabis Long-Term: Once your cannabis has cured, you can move on to long-term storage. It's no different for us than in the ripening phase, except that we don't open the jars as often. We store our cannabis in the same half gallon jars it was cured in. Choose an airtight container and store in a warm, dark place. It's recommended to quickly open the jars once a month, but we don't overemphasize that part. When you get into your stash to use it, the jars will burp a lot.

You've probably seen some people vacuum/seal and even freeze their weed. We do not consider this to be necessary or even desirable. Just as frozen and thawed foods don't taste as good as fresh foods, we prefer to keep the buds out, fresher and easier to control. We're also not big fans of the idea of ​​constantly touching plastic flowers. On the other hand, if you're giving away weed, that's a different story. Sometimes we use plastic. However, I am not suggesting being completely sucked. If you suck all the air out of the pack, the buds will be completely crushed! In any case, only use the stamp function.

In short, when cannabis is harvested, dried, cured, and stored properly, it can stay fresh, flavorful, and potent for up to a year, just in time for the next growing season!

How much, how much it weighs?

Scales help to weigh, scales are generally useful utensils for determining weight, especially of valuable substances. For those who find spring scales too unwieldy and kitchen scales too inaccurate, there is an inexpensive solution: digital pocket scales. These digital scales have become ubiquitous and are very popular with their illuminated displays and weight readings that are accurate to a hundredth of a gram. Headshop items at the service of the active customer ✓

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