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You manage your own homepage and want to earn some extra money?

with the partner program, you can now earn cash money at CANNOPTIKUM ! If you want to advertise successfully on the Internet, you need one thing above all: a reliable partner. CANNOPITIKUM pays out punctually and correctly to its members - every time.

Register right here as a partner, integrate a banner or product into your homepage and earn cash money!

Questions will be answered under with pleasure!


Advantages and benefits:

Simply insert a banner, text link or a direct product from us on your homepage A visitor can be redirected to our site with the desired link or banner to shop with us.

You will receive 20% commission of the resulting invoice (without freight, delivery, etc.)
Afterwards everything will be credited to your personal affiliate account.
For amounts of 50 Euro or more, your account balance will be credited at the end of the respective month by bank transfer or, on request, by goods voucher.

The commission is only due for immediate sales on first contact via your homepage, further later purchases are not covered by the affiliate program.


The advantages and benefits at a glance:

  • 20% commission on all articles at CANNOPTIKUM.
  • Easy registration in seconds.
  • Switch as many links as YOU want.
  • No fees, no minimum turnover.
  • Banners, text links and product links.
  • Anytime password protected access to your user and income statistics.


We offer additional services:

  • Free registration.
  • Image / Product / Banner Link-Formats
  • Reports and statistics in REAL TIME
  • Promotion Tips

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