Seeds Anonymously by Mail Order with Cash Payment

Anonymity for seed orders ➜ Cash payment

Discover the anonymous and secure method to purchase seeds via mail order with cash payment at Cannoptikum – a smart and risk-free way for cannabis enthusiasts. Anonymity in seed ordering and cash payment are guaranteed with us. While the purchase of seeds is often legal, cultivation can raise legal questions depending on the location. At Cannoptikum, being informed is our top priority.

How Does Secure Mail Order for Seeds Work?

With us, you can anonymously and safely order cannabis seeds without worrying about the sharing or misuse of your personal information.

  • Select your desired seed products from our wide range, including "".
  • Clicking the "Order Anonymously" option in the SHOPPING CART opens a form for your address and shipping options.
  • After clicking "Print Order," send your order by mail to us. This guarantees a 100% safe and discreet purchase without risk.

Alternative Method: Seeds Orders ➜ Cash Payment

Want to order seeds the old-fashioned way? Use our mail order form or write a legible letter. List the desired products, item numbers, and quantities, and confirm that you are over 18 years old. Include the payment and send the form. Your data will not be stored, and the delivery will be fast and discreet.

Privacy and Security at Cannoptikum

At Cannoptikum, we take privacy and security seriously. Your purchases are always safe and discreet with us.

For more information on privacy and warranty, please visit here.

German Address:

D-A-Packs 2440144
Am Rain 53
83088 Kiefersfelden

Important Notes:

1. Please remember to provide your address; otherwise, we cannot send the seeds.
2. It is also advisable to provide a phone number or email address in case the desired strain is unavailable. This data will be deleted immediately after the order.
3. You can also inquire via the contact form if the seeds are in stock.
4. Send the money in a well-sealed envelope without a window and without coins.
5. If you send coins, use two cardboard pieces and tape to secure them in the envelope!
6. Without a tracking number, the shipment cannot be tracked. But in most cases, if you follow these measures, the letter will arrive safely.
7. We prefer registered mail, which can be 100% tracked, so you can follow its path to us.

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