How to germinate cannabis seeds: A beginner's guide

As you may know, cannabis seedlings require specific conditions depending on the stage they are in. Maintaining these conditions is the best way to ensure that your plants thrive. When we talk about seeds and germination (vegetative growth), there is no difference.

A beginner's guide: how to get started with cannabis seeds?

Of course, you can grow cannabis plants in less than ideal conditions, and they will still grow, but this can negatively impact your yields or the quality of your harvest.

When it comes to cannabis seed germination/vegetative growth, germinating in less than ideal conditions reduces the chances of proper vegetative growth. Unlike growing cannabis seedlings in poor conditions, which still have a high probability of affecting your harvest, growing in poor conditions can kill your seeds.

Therefore, during the germination/vegetative growth phase of cannabis seeds, the temperature should be kept between 21 and 26 °C and the humidity as close to 90% as possible.


It's good to know the best conditions to avoid these problems.

How best to store cannabis seeds

If you want to proceed with storing cannabis seeds for the next growth cycle, it is important to store them.

If you want them to germinate in the near future, you don't have to do anything except store them in a cool place and in the dark. However, if you want to store them for months or even years, you should store them in the refrigerator.

  • Proper storage and preservation of cannabis seeds is the best way to avoid problems with vegetative growth of cannabis seeds.

You should store your cannabis seeds in an airtight container in a refrigerator at a temperature of 5 - 8°C and a relative humidity between 21-30%. If you cannot adjust your refrigerator to the above temperatures, simply keep the cannabis seeds in the refrigerator to keep the chances of germination high.

Just remember that the better the conditions, the longer you can store your cannabis seeds.


Sometimes the easiest way is the best. Just like in nature, you can also plant your cannabis seeds directly into the medium of your choice (coconut, soil, perlite, etc.).

Open a small hole (1-3 cm deep) with a pen or your fingers and place the cannabis seed inside. The medium should be fresh, but not too wet. Then cover with soil without pressure.

  • Planting directly into the medium is the best way to avoid stress from transplanting.

Each time a cannabis seedling is transplanted, it needs time to readapt. This particular process can create strain (stress) in the seedling. So one of the biggest advantages of this method is that you don't have to worry about damaging or stressing your seedling when transplanting, because it is already in its final position.


Rockwool Cubes, also called Rockwool Cubes, are small cubes of rock and sand fibers with an almost cotton wool-like texture. They are usually used for germination of seeds and clones.

Their use in combination with the pre-germination chambers has a significant advantage. It is easy to transplant the cannabis seeds into the next medium or container.

  • Rockwool and peat pellets are an easy choice for cannabis seed germination. However, there is a risk of overwatering the seeds.

Rockwool cubes have one major drawback. They can lead to excessive watering of cannabis seeds and eventually root rot.

Peat pellets resemble rockwool cubes, but are made of compressed peat moss and have the shape of a small disc.

To proceed with the process of germinating the cannabis seeds in both, we use the same technique that we explained earlier. Moisten the rockwool or peat pellet, make a small hole (1-2 cm), place the cannabis seed inside, cover it carefully without applying pressure.

You can place the pellet or cube directly into any type of medium or hydroponic chamber. After the seed has germinated, the roots will continue to grow downward even when they reach the end of the rockwool cube or peat pellet.


When you have gained a little more experience, you can look for more professional tools, such as the germination chamber.

  • A germination chamber can be an excellent choice if you want to germinate many seeds at once.

The chamber can be used with any type of medium, such as rockwool cubes, peat pellets, coconut fiber, perlite or even soil. It can maintain the best environment for germination / vegetative growth of cannabis seeds, especially during the first days of the seedling.

So, how do you germinate a cannabis seed in a pre-germination chamber? To start the process of vegetative growth, you should drill a small hole (1-2 cm) in a moist medium, cover the seed without pressure, activate the heat layer and spray the moisture dome. It will take a few days until you see the seedling shoot emerge.


After many years of experimenting with the best way to germinate cannabis seeds, we have to say that this is one of the most effective ways.

This method is especially effective for cannabis seeds with a harder shell or older seeds. You will need:

  • Glass cup
  • Water


Take, a glass and fill it halfway with water.

  • Soaking seeds in water is the best way to germinate seeds, especially older seeds.


Put the seeds in the jar and place it in a dark place to allow the seeds to soak for up to 30 hours.


Most viable seeds sink after a few hours. The shoot should emerge after a few days. Remember that some seeds take longer to germinate. If the seeds have not germinated after 72 hours, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to kill the accumulated bacteria in the water. Place the beaker with the soaked seeds back in a dark place for another 2 days.


The paper towel/paper towel method is the simplest of all. You will need:

  • 2 napkins / kitchen paper
  • a plastic container or plate
  • Water


Dampen the paper towels and wring them out so that they are damp but not completely wet.


Place the seeds on the paper towel, fold it over the seeds, place it in a plastic container and cover it with a lid to keep the moisture in (you can also use two plates - place the paper towel in one plate and cover it with the other).

  • Germinate seeds on a paper towel or kitchen paper.


Place the container in a slightly warm and dark place.

You should check it daily to make sure the paper towels never dry out. The seeds must continue to absorb moisture, or they may never germinate.

If necessary, add a little water. You will know that they are ready for transplanting when the stem is about 1-3 cm long.


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