Buy cannabis seeds anonymously with a letter order without data backup

You can easily place an anonymous order using our order form.

Secure by mail order

Since we always strive to offer our customers the best possible service, we have come up with something very special for you so that you can also feel safe.

With us you have the option to send your order to us by letter.

What is the advantage of this?

1. Your order data will not be saved in our system or on paper.
2. In order not to collect any data, your letter acts as a delivery note, so that no connection to us is recognizable.
3. You will receive an anonymous package or a discreet envelope with your specified name or address.

How does the letter order work?
Well, it's very simple, just put the items you want in the shopping cart as you would with a normal online order, when you are done you will find a letter order button in the shopping cart. If you click on the button, our form opens, which can be conveniently supplemented online with the address and preferred shipping. If you have registered, your data will even be transferred directly.

Then you just need to click on Print Order.

If this seems too complicated for you, just use our handy ready-made Order form or write a legible letter with your order (article, article number, number and quantity!).

Furthermore, the details of where we should send it, as well as the amount in cash (please hide the money in a slip of paper, postcard or envelope and tape the envelope shut!).

You send the letter to the address given below, with higher amounts by insured letter!
Insured letters are considered particularly secure!

Insured letter DE
Value letter Austria

Why Registered?
This is to ensure that the letter is traceable for you!

Why value letter?
So that the content is insured in the event of a loss and is fully reimbursed!

Simply send your order and the total amount via the parcel service of your choice to the address below.

After receipt, everything goes as usual and after a few days you have your order with you.

Send letter to:


Austria - head office:

Cannoptikum KG
Versuchsfeld 4
6074 Rinn

You can easily place an anonymous order using our order form.


Fill out the form and enclose the money. We will then send you the seeds with a well filled out letter. If you order by letter, your address will not be saved.

Our address:

Cannoptikum KG
Versuchsfeld 4
6074 Rinn

Important notes:

1. Please do not forget to give us your address, otherwise we cannot send the seeds.
2. It would also be good to include a telephone number or e-mail address in case the desired seed is not available.
This data will be destroyed immediately after ordering.
3. You can also ask us in advance via the contact form whether the seeds are in stock.
4. Send us the money preferably in a well sealed envelope without windows and coins.
5. If you do send coins, use two cardboard cards and tape to fix them in the envelope!
6. Without a control number - registered letter, the shipment cannot be traced. But in most cases the letter will arrive safely if you follow these measures.
7. We prefer a registered letter that is 100% traceable, so you can follow the route to us.


Filling out PDF forms directly in the web browser

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The PDF Document Viewer components, which include many popular browsers, can display PDF forms with varying degrees of accuracy, but do not support filling out PDF forms directly in a web browser.

You can download the Adobe® Reader® software from the following link: Follow the instructions on the Adobe website to install.


Fill out PDF forms in the app

Download the free Office app on your mobile device and fill out the order form and print it out.


Print PDF forms

Please print out the form and fill it out.


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