Marijuana, all you need to know

Marijuana, all you need to know. It is a word that has different contacts on the mind, distinguishes you hear it. Some are different, others are not and others are more important than anything but drug central tendons. Marijuana is a plant that is already in this world than we are and that was easily found in pharmacies in the form of tinctures and oils up to 100 years ago. Until she was realized, was acceptance a trust that everyone at home can hear? So that we don't gain anything? Forbidden !!!!

Marijuana means so many things, it can be a plant, but this plant has many derivatives like eating oil, fiber, what settings! Identical war marijuana hemp, taken care of by many people. It has been carried around the world to fiber discomfort. Most of all there are even Bibles made from hemp paper.

Now its use depends very much on the countries in which we live, as in some it will be very common, in others it will be nothing and in most it will be insisted on.

We hope that one day marijuana can be planted and landscaped in every garden in complete freedom and everyone can benefit from these plants without being penalized !!