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We support you in buying cannabis seeds etc.

Cannoptikum is a company specializing in the sale of high-quality cannabis seeds. We offer a wide selection of different cannabis seed varieties suitable for cultivation in various climates. Our goal is to support our customers in their purchase of cannabis seeds and in the cultivation of cannabis. We offer fast and reliable shipping and place a strong emphasis on customer service. Our Cannabis seeds come from experienced breeders and are carefully selected to ensure that they are of the highest quality. We are proud to offer our customers a wide selection of cannabis seeds that will help them achieve their goals in the cultivation of cannabis.

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Author: Otto S.

Review date 13.09.2022

Nice, all good!


Author: Romy P.

Review date 13.09.2022

Danke für die Beigabe!! gerne wieder….


Author: Tito V.

Review date 12.08.2022

Really just perfect!! Was pretty nervous the whole time because I was scared that there would be problems at customs. As it turned out, my fear was completely unfounded. The package came to me several times and was completely unobtrusively wrapped in a plastic envelope. In addition to the order, several free seed samples (6 seeds) were included. I will be happy to order my seeds from here again at any time. Many Thanks!!


Author: Mae L.

Review date 12.08.2022

I\'m really happy again!
1. the order went smoothly
Varieties selected, ordered, transferred.
The goods were super fast! From Austria to Asia, within 5 days!
2. The letter freight was absolutely inconspicuous!
When I opened the mailbox today, there was a big grin!
3. The email - contact is always quick with answers!
I\'ve ordered it twice and I\'m just as satisfied as the first time!
I can only recommend Cannoptikum with a clear conscience,
Anyone looking for a good \"Seed Shop\" is wel


Author: Capri

Review date 20.02.2022

besten Dank, für die reibungslose Abwicklung und die extra Körner ;)...
so macht das Spaß, weiter so. Uff.... bin froh das ich Euch-Cannoptikum gefunden habe, nach dem ja die Holländer nicht mehr schicken.


Author: Lenni B.

Review date 03.08.2021

Hey Chris. :)

Ich wollte nur noch kurz ne Mail schreiben und dir Bzw eurem ganzen Team danke sagen.
Dein Service bzw. die Absprachen mit dir liefen immer super und das Paket ist unversehrt und vollständig angekommen.
Außerdem wurde es auch, wie auf meinen wusch, etwas sicherer eingepackt damit alle Samen unversehrt ankommen.
Und die extra Samen waren auch alle dabei. :)

Also danke. ;) wäre schön wenn sich manche unternehmen ein Beispiel an euch nehmen würden.

Ich wünsche dir no


Author: Maurice V.

Review date 17.09.2020

Schöne Seite, Samen sind gut Verpackt bei mir angekommen. Danke für das Geschenk!


Author: Diego M.

Review date 31.08.2020

very nice Product, 100% rate


Author: Peter W.

Review date 17.08.2020

Alles super geklappt, schnelle Lieferung!! Danke


Author: Alicia M.

Review date 17.08.2020

Perfekter Shop, hat alles gut funktioniert Mercy


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