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Important Information

All ethnobotanical products offered are intended solely for scientific purposes, such as research purposes, as display material or incense. Consumption and cultivation of these products are prohibited in some countries and may result in legal consequences. We explicitly distance ourselves from encouraging individuals to consume, trade, or possess drugs. Customers ordering from outside Austria must inform themselves about the laws in their respective country and assume responsibility. The operator and owner of this site disclaim any responsibility in this regard.

Additional Notes

The purchase and possession of hemp seeds are illegal in some countries where cultivation, possession, or sale of hemp is prohibited. Hemp belongs to the cannabis plant family and contains the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. In many countries and regions, cultivation, possession, and sale of hemp products containing THC are prohibited. However, there are also countries and regions where cultivation, possession, and sale of hemp products without THC are legal.

If you live in a country or region where cultivation, possession, or sale of hemp is legal, you should inform yourself about the local laws and regulations and ensure that you are within these legal boundaries.

If you plan to buy hemp seeds for sowing and cultivation, you should be aware that hemp is a robust plant that requires special care to thrive. It is important to inform yourself about the correct cultivation techniques and practices before starting cultivation.


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