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Important information
All ethnobotanical items offered are for scientific use only (e.g. study purposes) as illustrative material or incense. The consumption and cultivation of ethnobotanical items is prohibited in some countries and may result in legal consequences. We explicitly distance ourselves from encouraging people to consume, trade or possess drugs. For orders shipped outside of Austria, the customer is responsible to inform himself about the laws in the respective country and to bear the liability. The operator and owner of this site disclaims any responsibility in this regard.

Additional information
The purchase and possession of hemp seeds is illegal in some countries if you live in a country or region where the cultivation, possession or sale of hemp is illegal. Hemp is a plant that comes from the Cannabis family and contains the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. In many countries and regions, the cultivation, possession and sale of hemp products containing THC is prohibited. However, there are also some countries and regions where the cultivation, possession and sale of hemp products that do not contain THC are legal.

If you live in a country or region where growing, possessing, or selling hemp is legal, there are options Buy cannabis seeds without risk. However, it is important to be aware of the laws and regulations in that country or region and make sure that you are within the applicable laws.

If you want to buy hemp seeds to sow and plant, you should be aware that hemp is a hardy plant that needs special care to thrive. It is important to learn about proper growing techniques and practices before you start growing hemp.


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