Always comply with the laws of the respective country

Legal Information

Legal Information on Ethnobotanical Items and Cannabis in Austria

  • Purpose: Ethnobotanical items are intended for scientific purposes, demonstration material, or incense.
  • Restrictions: Consumption and cultivation of these items may be prohibited in some countries and may lead to legal consequences.
  • Responsibility: Customers outside Austria must inform themselves about the laws of their country and take responsibility.

Hemp Seeds and Cannabis

  • Legality: The purchase and possession of hemp seeds are illegal in some countries, especially where cultivation, possession, or sale of hemp is prohibited.
  • THC Content: Hemp contains the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. In many countries, the cultivation, possession, and sale of THC-containing hemp products are prohibited, while products without THC may be legal.
  • Cultivation: Those who wish to purchase hemp seeds for cultivation should inform themselves about the laws.

Legislation on Cannabis in Austria

  • Narcotics Law: Regulates the handling of cannabis and other drugs. Consumption is not punishable, but possession and cultivation usually are, with some exceptions.
  • Grey Areas: Personal use of cannabis is a grey area. Small amounts for personal use are often tolerated.
  • Cultivation: Cultivation for commercial purposes is illegal, and private cultivation is not well-regarded.
  • Medical Use: Doctors may prescribe cannabis under certain conditions.
  • Social and Health Aspects: Discussions about legalization and decriminalization also concern understanding and health care.



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